Zimmermann Swimwear

Zimmermann is an Australian brand very attractive and fashion which, while also taking care of ready-to-wear fashion, has won the women of the world thanks to its beautiful swimsuits. Only a few weeks and then finally for us it’s time to dive into the sea and swimming pool, or at least to take a bit ‘of sun on the beach, and then it is time to begin to look at swimwear so make the first purchases on hold balances that will enable us to fulfill all our desires discounted by 50% according to Vintagwill.

Zimmermann is an Australian brand founded by Nicole and Simone Zimmerman, two enterprising sisters who, after earning a degree in fashion at East Sydney Technical College, in 1992 they opened the first store at home. Zimmermann produces two collections a year, focusing on a winter prêt-a-porter and then that summer in which we find clothes but above all many swimsuits.The bikini Zimmermann are seductive , and ultra feminine, we have to end models with inserts crochet but also those with the animal print. If you want something more original, you can do a little thought on the triangle bikini with futuristic and abstract print, for us it was love at first sight!

Zimmermann also shows us that swimsuits can be feminine and seductive as the micro bikini. A truly beautiful model is strapless with floral print on glossy pink and ivory tones and with the belt fuchsia decorative. Wonderful even the black model in T-shirt style with a lot of up and back completely naked neck, a truly original costume playing on see-with extreme elegance.

The nice thing about these costumes is that they have a very sophisticated design, which exudes both whole and in small details.

Bikinis and fashion in general is characterized by Zimmermann prints vintage inspired, bright colors and vibrant but also geometric prints, in perfect style seventies. This year we have many fabulous swimsuits but also easy and very feminine dresses perfect for those seeking an alternative to the usual brands.Zimmermann focuses on flowers declined in key retro, we also have a bit ‘of animal that is good on everything, and then a wide use of Sangallo lace that has returned to the fore thanks to Louis Vuitton this year.